Specialists in Trauma & Musculoskeletal Injuries

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Trauma SOS is a concierge service that provides all healthcare needs and logistics for all orthopaedic conditions and trauma

Our selected healthcare professional partners are experts from world renowned tertiary care institutions including UK’s largest level 1 trauma centre. Our panel includes ITU consultants, neurosurgeons, ENT/Max Fax consults, trauma vascular and general surgeons, plastic hands and soft tissue trauma surgeons as well as orthopaedic surgeons from all subspecialties.

We are the only private service in UK that can look after poly trauma patients although we are happy to look after orthopaedic and trauma conditions including sports injuries

Our main clients worldwide are institutions that refer their patients for our expertise in world class treatment of acute poly trauma and delayed reconstruction. We also offer our services to the medicolegal industry for management of injuries.

Patients are typically referred to Trauma SOS via one of two pathways, the logistics of which are managed by a small centralised team trained in the triage of patients with multiple injuries.

In the first scenario, the team manning the 24/7 phone line might receive a call from someone who is acutely injured. He’s covered by insurance and the call is likely to come from the medical services provider. We carry out an initial assessment over the phone, taking the caller through a step-by- step process that enables access to the most appropriate option: an air ambulance that brings the patient directly to our team in London; a chartered flight; access to a specially adapted ITU unit in an international airline; or, in less serious cases, a doctor to accompany them on a normal flight. We offer a full concierge service, meaning that we can advise on family accommodation, transport, and any other concerns when they arrive in the UK.

In the second scenario, a patient chooses to spend their own money (or is covered by their embassy or an insurance scheme) to travel to the UK for treatment of less acute trauma.

Our clinicians work in multidisciplinary teams and they offer our patients a world-class individualised and precise managed care package that looks after the whole patient journey. This includes the all the way from the initial management of acutely injured patients all the way to their full rehabilitation.

Patients may require multiple clinicians in their care but the logistics are managed from a small centralised team trained in triage of patients specially patients with multiple injuries. This insures timely care that can be lifesaving in some circumstances. The communication and all administration is also centralised so that the refer only has to deal with one party that looks after the patient as a whole.

Trauma SOS is a one stop service

From both referrers’ and payors’ perspectives, the process is kept simple: Patients may require multiple clinicians in their care but with Trauma SOS, the logistics are managed from a small centralised team trained in the triage of patients, particularly those with multiple injuries. This allows easy access to the best specialists at the right time for the seamless treatment of complex and difficult injuries, and ensures timely care that can be life or limb-saving in some circumstances. With a single point of contact, all communications about the organisation of care are centralised so that the referrer and payor only have to deal with one party.

For insurance companies, it offers managed healthcare, with the highest level of service, in a competitive and cost-effective way. From a patient’s perspective, it’s a one-stop concierge service that ensures they receive the best clinical service from some of the finest orthopaedic surgeons in the world. Patients undergoing trauma, and their families and embassies, who are not covered by the NHS, want to know that they are nonetheless receiving the absolute best care that they can source. Trauma SOS is ideally placed – both professionally and geographically – to deal with this. Our unique international service means that, for the first time, patients anywhere in the world can gain fast 24/7 access to the UK’s best trauma and orthopaedics expertise and all at the touch of a few buttons.

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